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Come To Daddy

Come To Daddy was originally devised by the final year European Theatre Arts students at Rose Bruford College in 2018 with Sleepwalk Collective's Artistic Director -Sammy Metcalfe - leading the process. In August 2018 the group formed the company LivingHouse Theatre and decided to take the performance to Edinburgh Fringe Festival where they performed at Summerhall for two weeks. Lucy was both performer and producer for the performances in Edinburgh. Lucy has just returned from Nottingham with the company where they performed at Lakeside Arts. 

Come To Daddy explores art history and family history through the use of live art and postmodern techniques. The performance is heavily influenced by Polish theatre practitioner, Tadeusz Kantor and his work with Cricot2.

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Lucy formed theatre company Dollybox Theatre in April 2018 with Natalie Hind. The company began working on their first show COPYRIGHT that same month.


COPYRIGHT is an exploration of issues surrounding female identity. Devised as a response to public commentary, this show looks at female identity through the lenses of ownership, body image and social rights. COPYRIGHT was presented as a work-in-progress show in July 2018 at the Shoebox Theatre, Swindon and continues to be developed.

Dollybox Theatre are a new and emerging theatre company, creating work that is political, highly visual, post-modern and physical.

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