Perfect Dolls (2018)

Photo: Michael O'Reily


Over the last year Lucy has been working with Theatre Company PlanetB Productions as a writer on their show Traffik. Traffik is an immersive production set in a nail salon that explores issues surrounding human trafficking. For more information, have a look at the PlanetB Productions website.


Lucy is currently writing and creating a new production that focuses on the lives of courier drivers. As part of her research she is looking to speak to people who have worked or are currently working in this position. Contact Lucy via the Contact Page. 

In 2018 Lucy created her solo show 'Perfect Dolls.' An exploration of female identity through audience interaction. The show is now under development with the intention to tour it in 2021. 


Dollybox Theatre are a new and emerging theatre company, creating work that is political, highly visual, post-modern and physical.


Lucy formed theatre company Dollybox Theatre in April 2018 with Natalie Sloan.The company began working on their first show COPYRIGHT that same month before presenting a work in-progress version in July 2018 at the Shoebox Theatre, Swindon. 


COPYRIGHT is a fun, interactive cabaret style performance surrounding female identity. Devised as a response to public commentary, this show looks at female identity through the lenses of ownership, body image and social rights. 

New show arriving in 2021...

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Photo Credit: Dollybox Theatre

A Successful Completion of a Generation Girls Project.


Lucy has experience leading drama, storytelling and arts & crafts workshops to children ranging from 7-16. She has also taught young adults various performance and practical skills to prepare them for a career in the industry. Lucy is available to deliver workshops and discussions. Get in touch via the Contact Me page.

More recently Lucy has been facilitating with Rosie Horler working with Peer Productions to deliver their Generation Girls Project. A project that enables young vulnerable women to make empowered life choices.

Lucy is also a LAMDA teacher and teaches the following LAMDA exams: Reading for Performance, Public Speaking, Verse and Prose and Acting.